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The Future of the Internet and Home Builder Partnership

Finally, Revenue share between the Builder and the ISP


We are changing the way Home Builders see the ISP relationship

Traditionally the home builder never sees a dime of revenue received for internet services.  Now we are partnering with the builder to partner and share in that revenue stream providing a passive revenue stream for the life of that internet connection.



We deliver exceptional internet quality speeds directly to your new home build. We also bring community WiFi to your development providing internet to your customers anywhere they are in your project.

Fiber Cable.webp

Smart Home Integration

In an effort to look out for the builder and technology we strive to bring you everything you will need for technology in your new home.  This allows you to be progressive and innovation in your new home packages thus attracting more people to your new neighborhood.


We manage it for the you

We take all the thinking out of supporting and delivering a superior internet experience to your new homes without any involvement from the builder other than depositing money from the ISP driven revenue.

Community Wifi

No matter where you are in our community you will always be connected to the internet with our community WiFi solutions.  We bring convenience to your home buyers which raises the value of your homes and communities.



Our Vision

Shifting the paradigm of the traditional ISP.  We produce a business model that will sustain the builder with passive revenue for years to come once their development is complete.  This will also drive future revenue for future projects.



12265 Oracle Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80921


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